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Finding a health care provider in UCare’s network just got easier! Try our simplified search tool.
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Medical Services Requiring Authorization
Please locate your plan in the document below for a list of medical services requiring authorization or notification:
UCare Medical Services Requiring Authorization

Health and wellness discounts
As a UCare member, you have access to WholeHealth Living® which offers:

  • Access to more than 40,000 practitioners
  • Discounts on name brand health products
  • No referrals, pre-authorizations or claims to file
  • Diverse network includes acupuncture, Tai Chi, massage, nutritionists and more
  • Simple access: just print discount certificate from the website

UCare Individual & Family Plans and UCare Individual & Family Plans with Fairview members:
Download this form to ask your doctor or clinic to work with UCare to provide a cost estimate for health care services. We’ll send your estimate to you within 10 business days from the day we receive your completed form.

Gender Identity Information Form:
Use this form to notify UCare of your gender if it is different than the sex you were assigned at birth. This will help process your health care claims appropriately.